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Child and Youth Care Worker

Program Description

This 2 year (74 week) program is intended to provide students with the skills and knowledge to work with children and youth experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties. Students will specialize in supporting change with children, youth and their families who are experiencing a range of social, emotional and behavioral challenges and implement a range of prevention, intervention and treatment strategies for children, youth and their families. These can include crisis intervention, conflict management, problem solving, counseling, activity programming, and group work. This program is approved under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

The curriculum of the program encourages the students to self-reflect and explore their own values, beliefs, attitudes and assumptions relating to human behavior and relationships. Our instructors will work closely with students to support skill development, growth in communication techniques and counseling theory and practices. Upon completion of the program the students will possess the essential emotional maturity and physical well-being to help them effectively deal with the stresses of helping troubled children and adolescents find positive solutions.

Program Outline

• Communication Skills 1
• Introduction To Child And Youth Worker
• Exceptionalities
• Learning Theories
• Research Methods In Psychology
• Physical And Cognitive Development 1
• Social Development And Attitudes
• Practicum 1 – Crisis Situations
• Practicum 2 – Intervention Strategies
• Practicum 3 – Assessment And Evaluation
• Behavior Disorders 1 – Research And Treatment
• Behaviors Disorders 2 – Conduct
• Behavior Disorders 3 – Emotional
• Counseling Theory 1
• Counseling Theory 2 & 3
• Physical And Cognitive Development 2
• Counseling High Needs Children
• Legal And Ethical Issues
• Child Abuse And Neglect
• Communication Skills 2
• Related Agencies And Institutions
• Pharmacology
• Clinical Work/Practicum

Industry Certificates

In addition to the course work above, students will be attending a series of workshops, each of which will offer a certificate upon successful completion.
 Autism – 60 hours
 Crisis Prevention Intervention – 36 hours
 First Aid/CPR – Level ‘C’ – 18 hours


The practicum portion of the program can be completed concurrent with the coursework, or it may be completed at the end. It requires the student to continuously demonstrated, modeled and reinforced the best practice in Child and Youth Work in a supervised. Emphasis will be placed on the application of the skills, professional ethics, attitudes and knowledge acquired in other areas of the program while dealing with children and families in real life situations.

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary Diploma (grade 12) or equivalent is needed along with demonstrated English proficiency, communication and comprehension skills. Students must have the equivalent standing at the general level in English or be able to take an English assessment.

Employment Opportunities

• Child and Youth Care Worker
• Student Assistant
• Support Worker
• Home Care Worker
• Casual Youth and Adult Support Worker