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Why Choose Us

  • Excellent Employment Rate
  • 100% internship placement rate
  • Small classroom sizes, state of the art equipment and learning resources
  • Flexible scheduling and immediate start dates
  • Individualized Help When Needed
  • Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify
  • Ongoing job search and career development assistance
  • Constant upgrading of courses

Work Experience

The work experience and hands on training are essential parts of our programs. The purpose is to provide our students with the opportunity to apply their up to date skills and theories, learned throughout our programs, in practical business settings and observe other professional at work. The students will acquire situational specific skills and identify areas that may require further development. They will also receive feedback throughout their work placement and the opportunity to expand their professional network.

Our career services department provides recruitment services to both large and small companies in a variety of industries. Towards the end of the coursework, our employment coordinators will help the students refine their job search strategies and polish their resume and portfolio. They will use their network of businesses to help our students find opportunities directly related to their interests and field of study.

Our student’s work materials closely mirror those of an actual work environment and give them the hands on experiences required to enter the workforce after graduation. Our students and graduates are highly motivated and mature individuals who work and study diligently and are driven by success.